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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to any company’s success. Unfortunately, there are many scam artists offering SEO services. We are happy to spend time educating potential clients on how to spot such scams.

We are 100% transparent, and believe that business owners have the right to be aware of what their SEO company is doing to their site. We will even TEACH YOU how we do what we do! Our SEO services are “white hat,” i.e. completely in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and include the following:(Web Designing Company Chennai)

SEO Services

We don’t touch your site at all without first planning out your complete SEO marketing strategy plan. We believe that you cannot get where you are going without a road map.


To be successful at SEO requires a plan. The first thing we will do is perform in-depth research and formulate a strategic plan to include the following:


  • We will host an in-depth kickoff call to define and document target audiences, brand differentiators, key products & services, desired key phrases, competitors to track, and more. This gets everyone literally “on the same page” and provides concrete and important source of guidance for the project.


  • We will examine your site’s code and create a “to-do” list of recommended coding/programming changes to make the site more search-engine-friendly, or if you decide to have the site redesigned, we will create a set of “blueprints” for site code and structure to ensure that the new website is built with maximum search-engine-friendliness. We will also collaborate closely with your web developers to ensure correct implementation of the changes.
  • For monthly contracts, we provide ongoing technical consulting since SEO is always evolving.


  • We will perform in-depth keyword research to develop a database of several hundred to several thousand targeted SEO key phrases.
  • Each phrase is carefully selected for your site based upon existing search engine performance and a ratio between the popularity and competitiveness of the phrase. This creates a rich pool of ideas for content that can be created around those words in order to attract more search traffic.
  • We will review the list with you prior to finalizing it, to ensure that we have the most relevant and important words to attract your target audience.(Web Designing Company Chennai)


  • We will assess the content on your site and determine what changes should be made in order for search engines to understand it better.
  • This includes a plan for reorganization and rewriting of existing content, as well as development of new content (both new website pages and an ongoing blogging strategy).
  • The goals of this process are to A) Ensure that there is a place on the site for each important topic uncovered by the keyword research and B) Make sure the content is grouped into logical topical “hubs,” as this is what appeals to search engines more so than random pages with random topics.


  • We will assign key phrases from your keyword database to pages on your site based upon keyword volume & competitive metrics and the recommended content organization strategy.
    • We will generate a link-building plan based upon what is working well for your competitors, as well as research into link opportunities for your particular site, and proven overall link building strategies.
    • We will make a plan for optimization of the company’s Google Maps listing with the goal of improving visibility for regionally-based searches.
    • We will research the number and consistency of your citations (online phone book listings), as these are a ranking factor for regionally-based searches.
    • Social media is now crucial to SEO success. We will provide recommendations for how to use social media to enhance search engine performance.(Web Designing Company Chennai)
    • The results we get for you will only be as good as our ability to track results. We will facilitate the set up advanced configurations in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to fully be able to track what’s working and what’s not.
    • For monthly contracts, we set up your site in our enterprise-level SEO software reporting platform to very closely track progress and “mash up” data from multiple sources to obtain deep insights for continuous improvement.



    • Since new keyword optimized content needs to be generated on a regular basis, we will develop a blogging strategy and editorial calendar (blogging schedule) that will help streamline these efforts. We will also help you select and use good keywords for each article.


    • With just a smidge of assistance from you (typically one brief phone interview per article), we will produce high-quality, keyword-optimized blog articles that will both attract search traffic and establish your company as a thought leader in the industry.


    • Adding more pages to more specifically describe your products and services creates more opportunities for your site to come up as a match in the search engines. We will create these new pages and write keyword-optimized copy for them.(Web Designing Company Chennai)


    • You likely have many existing pages on your site that could be working a lot harder for you if they had the right keywords and tags. We will incrementally work on optimizing these pages.


    • We will find link opportunities for your site based upon what is working well for your competitors, as well as research into link opportunities for your particular industry. We also employ proven link building strategies that resemble traditional public relations activities. We do NOT perform ‘unnatural’ link building, as that is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and they will take action against those that do it. We keep your site in the clear by following the rules.


    • Occasional paid promotion of content brings a lot more eyeballs to your site very quickly, which in turn naturally increases link counts and social signals. We will paid promotions for your content on a monthly basis, at no additional cost to you.


    • Periodically issuing press releases about your company leads to both increased exposure for your brand and additional links to your site. We will occasionally write and distribute a keyword-optimized press release for you to achieve these goals.


    • Social bookmarking consists of submitting your articles to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, and the like. This helps get exposure for your great content, leading to more website traffic, links, and social ‘signals’ (which are very influential for rankings)


    • Social media, specifically Google+, is now crucial to SEO success. We will set up your Google+ Author presence and spend time each month building up your Google+ connections and AuthorRank. (If you have concerns about what you’ve read in the news recently about Authorship, please read this.)


    • Social signals are social media actions that occur on a piece of content, such as likes on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, shares on LinkedIn, pins on Pinterest, and +1s on Google+. The more social signals a piece of content collects (ESPECIALLY +1s on Google+), the more its rankings will rise. We can do some basic social media posting (sharing of blog articles) for you, and can provide training and coaching services to help your social media team provide effective posting, connecting, and engaging in order to build a strong social presence and amass those important social signals on your content.



    • Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but by default it can’t know if a website visitor picks up the phone and calls you. We can set you up with comprehensive call tracking, so that your main number is automatically switched out with a forwarding number based upon where that visitor came from (AdWords vs. organic SEO vs. social media, etc.). For AdWords traffic, we can even track what keyword the caller used to arrive at your site before picking up the phone.
    • We will configure Google Analytics to track these calls as successful conversions, so that you can now know not only what traffic sources convert the best for you, but also what content on your site generates the most calls.


    • We DO NOT just regurgitate your Google Analytics printouts to you. Monthly reporting includes in-depth reports that pull data from multiple sources, expert analysis what IS working and what IS NOT working, and recommendations for continuous improvement.
    • We even have a regularly-scheduled conference calls with you to review the results and get your input on ongoing strategy.



    For businesses who rely on “foot traffic” or need to market to a specific geographical area, we do the following:

    • Google+ Local page optimization, which can include:Helping you navigate the verification process, Completion of and branding on the profile, Optimization of category selection and written descriptions, Working with Google support staff to resolve any issues
    • Formulate Schema markup for company address Schema is a set of code tags that give search engines more information about your website. It is important to apply this to your company address on your website so that the search engines know where your company is geographically located. We will provide you with the exact code that needs to be applied to your website to achieve this.(Web Designing Company Chennai)
    • Suggestions for new regionally-focused website content If you want to be found in a wider radius than just your own city, some extra content will be needed on your site. We will provide guidance and specifications for what this content should be in your particular case.
    • Create review solicitation strategy Positive reviews on your local listings are a strong local ranking factor, but getting happy clients to leave a review isn’t always as easy as it should be. We will assist in streamlining this process and helping you encourage your clientele to leave you positive reviews.(Web Designing Company Chennai)
    • Bulk local listing syndication Dominating Google results for local searches requires being listed consistently in all of the major “online phone book” sites (SuperPages.com, YellowPages.com, WhitePages.com, etc.). As an SEO agency, we have tools that can syndicate your business listing to all of the major data aggregators, which is where most of these “online phone book” sites get their information. Instead of you going to hundreds of sites like SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com to manually create listings (and potentially have to pay for some of them), we will create HUNDREDS of listings for you in one shot.
    • Local listing maintenance & expansion Having inconsistencies and/or duplicates in your local listings can negatively affect SEO. We will spend time each month addressing any of these issues, resolving as many as we possibly can. Once that is taken care of, we will also expand your listing profile to include some niche/industry listing sites that may not be covered by the major aggregators.(Web Designing Company Chennai)


    SEO planning results in the recommendation of creating additional site pages that don’t currently exist, and optimizing the copy on those that do exist. The copywriting for this can be handled in one big project (in bulk) or it can be addressed incrementally on a monthly basis. Incremental optimization is already included in Phase 2 monthly services. If bulk optimization of copy is desired as a one-time project, we can quote that as a separate initiative.(Web Designing Company Chennai)